Online  Holistic Nutritional Consultation -
with Dr. Lowell Keppel

     Dr. Lowell Keppel is an expert in therapeutic nutrition, natural healing and herbal medicine. He has developed a proven holistic healing approach using whole food based nutritional therapy. 

Real Food. Grown Organically. Processed Gently. Proven For Over 90 Years

     One-on-one comprehensive nutritional consultations with Dr. Keppel are based on your personal health information. So we will need to collect some information from you. All of our forms are secure and if you have any questions along the way you can always email us at

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STEP # 1   You fill out assessment forms

After your payment for the consultation, you will receive an email with secure encrypted links for your assessments, surveys or questionnaires. The email will have instructions for completing your personal answers. Once you have submitted the necessary forms, Dr. Keppel will begin evaluating your health information. If he has additional questions or requests for more information, we will e-mail you. So please check your e-mail frequently during the next week or so.

STEP # 2   Schedule a time for your phone call

Our office will help set up a time that works for you and Dr. Keppel. We try to schedule your call within 2 - 4 weeks after your complete information is submitted. If wait time is longer, we will let you know.

STEP # 3   Call with Dr. Keppel

Dr. Keppel will discuss important details with you. You will chat and have the opportunity to ask him questions. He may ask you additional questions so that he can make his protocol as easy and targeted as possible. The one-on-one consultation call may last 30 minutes, if additional time is needed, this will be billed at the rate of  $30 per add on of 15 minutes.

STEP # 4   Dr. Keppel will make recommendations

His advice may include names of products, recommended dose amounts, daily timing schedule, and duration of therapy.

Dr. Keppel uses multiple brands and product lines - for the benefit of individual patients. Some supplements are sold through health practitioners. ( Standard Process and Medi-Herb are two common examples. ) They can be purchased on this site - but Dr. Keppel does not receive any compensation from these sales. You can be sure that every choice is selected for the benefit of the individual patient.

Special Note : Some special conditions may require certain lifestyle modifications. Examples could be avoiding a certain food, changing your diet, or applying a certain type of therapy at home, stretches or exercise. These lifestyle modifications are extremely important, and if you do not follow the recommended paired advice, you cannot expect these protocols to be fully effective if unhealthy behaviors continue. 

Special Note : Sometimes health issues are complicated and may require more than one therapy phase. If the doctor feels the need to reevaluate or adjust supplements after a certain period of healing, he will let you know and will focus his advice for the first therapeutic phase. 

Special Note : In cases of chronic disease, natural healing can take some time to rebalance your body. Sometimes we say "It took 3 years to develop these conditions, so please be patient with natural remedies". Some conditions turn around quickly, while others may take months or even years. However, we always strive for the very best and fastest recovery possible.

STEP # 5   Follow up e-mail

One follow up email is included with your holistic consult. We generally recommend that you follow up with Dr. Keppel in 30 days after starting the full protocol. However, some patients like to check in before then or after then. If you run into any bumps along the way, just contact our office ( ) and we will all try to help you in any way possible. 

Dr. Lowell Keppel, DC

Holistic Health Expert

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  • Includes comprehensive questionnaire covering all major body systems
  • Includes one phone consultation ( Up to 30 min )
  • Individualized for your health status
  • ​Addresses the underlying cause of illness
  • ​May consider emotional, mental & spiritual health
  • ​The surefire way to take control of your health, naturally
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I have been seeing Dr. Keppel ...for 26 yrs. He has helped me when Medical doctors shrug their shoulders. Not only does he help, he takes the time to explain everything.

Dr. Keppel is very personable and kind. He ... helped us choose supplements that REALLY helped take care of our pains and problems. It was like a miracle. I would definitely recommend him!!!

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